Arbor West Chiropractic Center

Welcome to our Health Center

The ARBOR WEST CHIROPRACTIC CENTER was built for one purpose: to rebuild and maintain your good health through natural, safe, scientific chiropractic methods. My goal, and the goal of my staff, is to help you achieve the highest possible level of health so that you may fully enjoy LIFE!

At the ARBOR WEST CHIRPORACTIC CENTER we have specialized in the detection and correction of VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION (pinched spinal nerves) which research has proved to be a major cause of pain and disease. We also offer health and lifestyle counseling for you and your entire family. This includes suggestions on exercise, diet, recreational activities, and special consultations for any health related problems. We also offer informative health lectures and discussions which are held periodically at our office in the evening.

Most of all, we offer you our sincere concern and keen desire to get you well and keep you well as quickly as possible. I want you, while under our care, to feel free to discuss any aspect of your health or your family’s health with me.

Since chiropractic may be new to you, I have designed this website to help orient you to this new system of health care. Please read the material carefully. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY OF HELPING YOU!

Dr. Mark J. Tobias