Arbor West Chiropractic Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a healing art and science, which is based on the premise that good health depends, in part, upon a normally functioning, healthy nervous system. All body parts and systems receive an interference (too much or not enough nerve supply), these tissues and organs cannot function properly thus causing the body to be susceptible to a disease state. Symptoms such as pain, restricted movements, improperly functioning body systems, etc. may result.

Chiropractors believe that this interference in the nervous system is caused by “subluxations” or misalignments that pinch nerves in the spine and cause many health problems. Chiropractic is concerned with the correction of these “subluxations.”

What does a Chiropractor Do?

A chiropractor first determines if you have a spinal misalignment. If you do, he will proceed to correct the misalignment and correct the cause of your health problem with gentle painless spinal adjustments.

If you do not have a spinal misalignment, you are not a chiropractic case and you will be referred to the appropriate health care provider.

Are X-Rays Necessary?

YES! Chiropractic spinal x-rays are the only way the doctor has of visualizing the vertebrae of the spine in their normal weight-bearing positions. They are essential in pinpointing the exact location and nature of your problem. They also help the doctor to determine if your problem is being caused by disease or fracture rather than subluxation.

What Caused my Problem?

This is difficult to answer exactly, however, your problem may have started with a fall or accident of some kind, stresses, strains, sprains, slipping, scooping, shaking, jolts, jars, tension, poor posture, tugging, stretching, twisting, turning, pushing, sudden impacts, lifting and many other actions may have started the problem. The time since the problem began has allowed the condition to become worse.

How Long Will it Take to Get Well?

Every case is different. However, usually the length of time it takes you to get well depends upon the severity of the condition, the length of time you have had the problem, your age, and how quickly you respond to the adjustments. Remember also, that when the symptoms the subluxation may still be present. Most problems are present long before symptoms appear, and symptoms usually disappear before the subluxation is corrected. You will be given a schedule to follow which is designed to correct your problem in the shortest possible time.

Should I Exercise?

This question can only be answered on an individual basis. Ultimately, the doctor will give you and exercise program designed to help maintain the correction he intends to make. In the meantime, ask if any exercises are appropriate for your case.